In another side of my life, I make music. It’s a beautiful, complicated, stretchy, slow, fulfilling, start-stop, life affirming, exhausting path. Probably the best part of that journey for me at this point is the incredible, talented, inspiring human beings I’ve met and made  deep friendships with. And actually that makes sense because the ongoing relationships and friendships I’ve made throughout my photography career, particularly with clients who I’ve stayed in touch with, is where I feel most abundant as well. I guess…I really like people?!

One of these brilliant humans is Emily Faye, an amazing singer-songwriter who has been working super hard for such a long time and putting all the hours in and paying all the dues and doing it all with a smile on her face (she is the most ‘sunshine’ personality I think I’ve ever met). She’s recently started (and I mean started) to get the acknowledgement she deserves from the industry and won a competition to play at the immense event that is VeeCon, to literally thousands of people. I cannot wait to see what is next for her. I was lucky enough to get to to photograph her last year and hadn’t shared any of the photos yet, so thought I would finally do that. We did a really mixed session, some photos outdoors, some indoors, different editing techniques – some clean and crisp, some soft and film like – some polished, some more ‘behind the scenes’, it was a wonderful, creative day. Thanks for having me Emily, hope to capture your gorgeous face again soon.

Singer-Songwriter Photoshoot Singer-Songwriter Photoshoot Singer-Songwriter Photoshoot Singer-Songwriter Photoshoot