I’m really enjoying my move into documentary family photography. It feels so authentic to me to capture people as they are and let moments unravel naturally. A huge part of this enjoyment is finding clients that feel the same way. As a photographer you will have a style that won’t be universal, it won’t be for everyone, and thats ok! It’s more than ok, it’s great actually, because it means that everyone can find the right photographer for what they need.

A prime example of this for me was meeting Eli and Flo, and their gorgeous baby boy Sebastian. Eli told me she knew she wanted documentary style photos, she googled that…and she found me. Incredible. I felt so honoured and so privileged to be working with such a ‘perfect fit’, who I knew literally wanted me to document their family as it is. This meant capturing beautiful little moments between them all, when changing and feeding Sebi and the tender moments of each of them both just consumed with the love they have for their beautiful boy. The way a new parent looks at their baby, and their baby looks back at them, is something so unbelievably moving. I particularly love the picture of Flo feeding Eli a chocolate when her arms are full!

Thank you Eli, Flo and little Sebi, for a really gorgeous afternoon.

Cotswolds Newborn Photographer Cotswolds Newborn Photographer Cotswolds Newborn Photographer