There aren’t many things in this world more magical (in my eyes) than a newborn baby. Knowing how incredible their journey has been, growing so rapidly in nine months into actually fully formed little beings, with eyelashes and toenails and little frowns and smile and tiny hiccups…

So when there are TWO of them, it’s like, the best thing ever to behold. Especially when they are probably the most amazing little people I’ve worked with to date. I know photographers who won’t do newborn shoots because they’re so unpredictable, you have no idea what kind of mood the baby will be in, if they will be sleepy or hungry or grizzly or colicky or if they’ll just be absolutely not in the mood whatsoever for no understandable reason, and you feel so bad for the parents and the last thing you want to be doing is causing new parents more stress by being in their him while their infant screams in protest! So when the babies – TWO OF THEM – are actual angels, its suddenly the easiest and most rewarding job in the world!

And my goodness, angelic is the word. Both babies were awake and content when I arrived, not a peep between them. And – just in case you hadn’t noticed – they are beautiful babies. So I did a tiny internal squeal of joy that they were awake and happy and just went with the flow so easily. They even started looking at each other which was the cutest thing ever!

And then – again, remember this word ‘angelic’ I keep using – mum, Sarah, put on a lullaby recording and they both very quickly, very comfortably, fell asleep. Just like that! I’ve seen many newborns, including my own, and I’ve never seen that happen! So then not only did we have the gorgeous awake baby photos we also got some utterly melt-worthy sleepy shots of them snuggled into each other.

I could swoon over these photos all day – and the fact their parents look like models even with sleep deprivation doesn’t hurt either (seriously!) – but I’ll stop rambling and just let you coo over them instead.

Thanks so much for letting me into your home at this special time Sarah and Pete, it was such a lovely morning and a real privilege to capture your absolute bundles of joy!

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