Cotswolds Family Photographer

There is something so rewarding about working with families, I like to give the sessions a good amount of time (up to two hours) to really get everybody feeling comfortable on camera and being themselves.

I don’t ever ‘pose’ people, but instead invite them to interact with each other in a meaningful, authentic way using games, asking and answering questions about each other. What I often find is that very quickly the ‘photoshoot’ becomes a lot more, its often a family really connecting with each other and acknowledging what makes each individual member so special to everyone else. I see families leaving with a real buzz about them, and that is priceless.

I never ask a child to ‘smile’ or ‘say cheese’ as this is feels inauthentic, I want to create lasting, meaningful images of your child that you can look back on and remember them exactly as they are. If that means curled up with a book, or running madly around the garden or looking quietly into the camera, that is who they are and that is what I want to capture. That’s what makes my job amazing.

Please find example of my work with families and children below and for further booking information please visit my pricing page.