A very (very!) belated blog post yet again of a really lovely shoot I did last year with a family I’ve had the privilege of working with multiple times now. I got to photograph their eldest baby when she was brand new, and then when she was a little older as well, and was thrilled to be invited to capture their new tiny baby girl last year. It was so amazing to see the similarities between both babies, the one I remembered from years ago, with her amazing expressions, and the baby sister in front of me who was different but so similar as well! I never take for granted what an absolute honour it is to be invited into somebody’s little newborn baby bubble and capture these moments. I love the documentary style of photography so much with newborn shoots, because you’re not just capturing the baby, you’re capturing the moments around this new person, the excited energy alongside the calm peaceful energy, the massive shifts in relationships and families juxtaposed against the normality of making a cup of tea! The newborn bubble is such a special time, I am so grateful to get to document these moments for people.