So thrilled to share some highlights of a recent shoot down in Portishead. I realised during this beautiful session a few weeks ago that I really don’t do anywhere enough golden hour photography! That light! I used to get to do evening portraiture sessions with wedding couples during this hour, but I’m not sure when I’ll be able to photograph weddings again. I mostly do family sessions on weekend mornings, but I think I might start trying to encourage evening family shoots!

I’ve done a few photoshoots in Portishead now, and it really is a gorgeous backdrop for family photoshoots with the waterfront and pebbly beaches. The lovely Alex and her family wanted to meet down by the Battery Point beauty spot and with the sun going down it didn’t disappoint. It was particularly lovely to take lots of photos of baby Willow in her sling with her mummy, such a beautiful part of early motherhood and I am so glad we documented it! (I so miss my own ‘baby wearing’ days!)

The sky was glowing beautifully and gave me the opportunity to work with sun in front and behind them, playing with silhouettes and backlighting as well as that lovely, soft warm direct light. Baby Willow was an absolute dream to work with as well, such a happy, contented little baby! We got some wonderful smiles at the beginning and as she got more sleepy and started to nuzzle into her parents more we got to take some lovely close, snuggly family moments as well.