I recently did my first proper family shoot in months! Hurrah for socially-distanced outdoors sessions! And it was especially awesome because I got to reunite with a family I photographed almost two years ago when they had a tiny newborn baby who is now a walking, talking, singing, hilariously entertaining two year old!

Thea’s newborn shoot was amazing, she was hands down the most expressive newborn that I’ve ever seen. She made so many amazing faces at me at a few weeks old! And that aspect of her character was clearly already set as she’s just as funny and expressive now! It was such an honour to get to photograph her again and so lovely to see little flashes of the tiny baby I got to meet before. Time just seems to have gone so fast (world’s biggest cliché). I am so incredibly grateful for the clients I get to work with. I feel so privileged when I get to work with families over and over again, and see them grow and evolve. Its such a wonderful part of doing what I do!

We spent most of the shoot in a little hilly park near their home, which had some fantastic spots to sit and areas to explore. We also took some shots in front of the house and in their gorgeous rear garden. Their lovely dog Trip was also good as gold and a dream to capture as well. (I know people say never work with animals or children, but I think it’s rather brilliant!)