Ah, wonderful Westonbirt! It never fails to provide an amazing backdrop for family photoshoots, no matter what time of year and regardless of the weather, it is just a beautiful, magical place to go!

I first met Rachael and Mike more than three years ago when they booked me to photograph their wedding. At the time Mike’s son, Kian, was just four years old, and their little daughter Darci was barely one! And now Darci and Kian seem so grown up and they have a new baby sister to play with, the impossibly happy Aria! I’ve never met such a happy baby! She’s just full of love and smiles and giggles and affection, truly the perfect addition to this gorgeous family!

I couldn’t believe how busy Westonbirt was in October! I’m used to there being maybe a few people queuing up, but there were four queues of around 20-30 people deep! I guess word has really gotten around about the incredible Autumnal colours and people are travelling from miles around to see for themselves.

I was so impressed at how the Byrne family managed to ignore the hoards of visitors and stay in their own family unit and allow me to capture them as they are. The older children were having a blast running about, climbing and exploring and I loved capturing them in their element! And of course those little moments between father and son, mother and daughter, and between siblings, that will mean so much in years to come. Sometimes even an affectionate look between people can capture so much more than I could ever try to create for them.

Once again I squeezed in a little ‘break out’ session with mum and dad, as I think its so important to have even a couple of photos of just the parents, you so rarely get to be together when you have the little ones demanding your attention all the time, and hopefully they’ll look back and be glad we had even those five minutes together to capture their relationship in the midst of all the craziness that life brings with three children! I think you’ll agree they’re a pretty darned gorgeous pair, and the Autumnal backdrop was just perfect.

Thanks so much for having me, Byrne family, you’re an awesome team of people!

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