Whenever I get an enquiry for a family shoot where the mum says she wants to be outside and just have really natural photos taken, I basically jump for joy a little bit. Whilst I know there is a huge market for posed photos with kids, I really think capturing them exactly as they are is the best way to have photographs that will remind you of them for the rest of your lives, because not many kids sit motionless on an antique rocking horse with a hairband perfectly in place all day do they? Its the running, jumping, exploring, crawling, climbing, over-zealous cuddling that I love to get on camera, because I know these will be the photos that make parents smile for years to come.

So I was super excited to go along to Ashton Court with Annie and her gorgeous girls, Iris and Mabel back in June and basically hang out with them for an hour and half, interacting with Iris as she explored the world around her, trying hard not to eat Mabel’s delicious little face, hanging back and capturing the three of them together and trying to photograph this lovely family exactly as they are.

Ashton Court is always a great place to do family shoots – or any shoots – as there are so many great different areas within it to get a wide range of backdrops, including my absolute favourite – lovely long grass (Barley? Never sure what those tall grainy grasses actually are, I should really find out!). I literally love a kid standing among tall grass, I think its just magical. The photo of Iris below exploring the grain in her hand…so real, so beautiful.

And now the Summer is almost at an end I am starting to get mega excited about my favourite season of all being on the horizon, with all its gorgeous fiery colours, the soft low sun, the moody mornings and nostalgic afternoons, that strangely comforting feeling that winter is starting to wrap its arms around everything as you watch your kids stomp through crunchy fallen leaves.

If you or anyone you know wants some natural, beautiful memories this Autumn do get in touch, I’d love to be the one to capture you all as you are.

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