Cuteness overload ahead…..! I think Thea might be the most entertaining newborn I have ever worked with! She was a little older than a lot of newborns I photograph and that extra week or so of being alert makes such a huge different to the shoot! We thought at one point we may not get any sleepy photos at all, but as so often happens she dropped off just at the end! But Thea’s parents didn’t book me to just get photos of a sleeping, snuggly newborn (which, lets face it, is not always an accurate representation!) they wanted me to capture all of them, as they were, in this special moment in time and that is why I love working with the families that choose me, because we are on the same page. Yes, I do love getting picture perfect sleeping newborns, but I’m not a ‘specialist newborn photographer’ per se – I don’t have a studio or the props and skills to turn a baby into a cute little vegetable in a pot. What I do hopefully have is the ability to capture these incredible little people as their parents see them all day, every day, with all their little personalities starting to come through. And of course, to capture mums and dads (and yes, pets too!) who are all sharing this new chapter.

Sometimes I worry that I don’t have enough ‘gear’ to really do newborn shoots, but then I do a shoot like this and realise I’m not that kind of photographer. I want to take natural photos of people feeling at ease, using natural light, in their home surroundings, that they will look back on and remember vividly as snapshot of what they truly felt like at the time. That’s what I love to do!

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