Photographing newborns is such an absolute honour and privilege. Meeting these tiny new people in their first days of lives to take photos that will be cherished forever is such an incredible part of my job! I capture newborns in the comfort of their family home, using natural light and simple settings. Most of my posed newborn shots are taken on a bed or a large pillow, whichever the family prefers. The backdrop doesn’t need to be extravagant when we want the focus to be on the baby, and a few hats or cute teddies thrown in can really be all that you need to create a great shoot with 40 beautiful photos to treasure forever.

I bring my lighting gear just in case we need an extra boost on glum days or in dark rooms, but I try to use natural light where possible.

Newborn sessions for those lovely snuggly, curled up sleepy shots are best done within the first 10-12 days after birth, as babies change remarkably fast and I’ve seen many 10 day old babies try to hold their heads up and look around!

I also make sure to take plenty of candids of family members holding and interacting with the baby, so the final collection of images include not only the gorgeous posed photos but also some memories including parents and siblings as well.


As with newborns, we can get great photos of babies who aren’t walking yet in the comfort of their own home, just using the home environment that they know well, a nice clear bed of even a sofa for them to lie or sit on.

A few teddies, or even some flowers scattered around, can add so much to a photo and entertain the little ones at the same time. With toddlers I find its best to capture them playing and exploring and interact with them about the camera and what we are doing as it can really get them interested and often creates beautiful photos of serious toddlers staring right into the lens.

Please find more examples of my work below and visit my pricing page for more information about booking a shoot with me.