As a documentary photographer I really enjoy working with small, creative businesses and sole traders to curate bespoke, authentic images for their business. Branding really is everything in this day and age, and its never been more important to have authentic, strong visuals for your business. I am someone who tries to really show up as ‘myself’ in all areas of my life, including my business and I love to work with like minded business owners who want to be photographed as they are, in their working environment, being themselves. Personal branding isn’t about hiring a studio and taking perfect photos, its about figuring out what your brand looks like, so it feels ‘right’ forĀ you – whether that’s clean and crisp, dark and emotive, bright and colourful, strong monochromes, neutral muted tones with florals….there are endless styles of brands just as there are endless entrepreneurs stamping their own mark on their given industry.